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Post  Christian on Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:14 pm

We've seen magnificent things happen by God's grace because we've come together and prayed earnestly. Glory be to our Father! So as we give these prayer requests, please don't make it a one time "so-I'll-feel-good" prayer thing, as we are all guilty of doing at one point or another. Instead, make a list of what you need/want to pray for, write it down, and whenever you pray just go down the list. This steadfast prayer will do wonder's, and if we just keep pressing on, God will eventually answer according to His will. We are so blessed to have this strong fellowship where we can rely on each other to pray for our individual needs. Only good things can come from this; stronger relationships with each other, and most importantly with God. I love you all, and I'm ready to pray for anyone. Just post it, and see God work.

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