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Tenkasi, India

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Tenkasi, India Empty Tenkasi, India

Post  Tyler on Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:22 pm

With the money raised at our high school through prayer, Emmanuel Ministries was able to give these children bicycles, clothes, and other necessities. It brings us much joy to see our young brothers and sisters in Tenkasi enjoying themselves. The best part, is they know it all came from God.

Tenkasi, India 19073_281887180992_549380992_4933885_6594243_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887185992_549380992_4933886_2732601_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887210992_549380992_4933889_1160436_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887280992_549380992_4933896_4770339_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887320992_549380992_4933899_1737991_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887325992_549380992_4933900_3806768_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887310992_549380992_4933897_4246095_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887330992_549380992_4933901_6948273_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887335992_549380992_4933902_3428933_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887345992_549380992_4933903_239214_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887355992_549380992_4933904_1633356_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887370992_549380992_4933905_1416572_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887385992_549380992_4933907_4655528_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887450992_549380992_4933914_1318398_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887460992_549380992_4933916_6997135_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887470992_549380992_4933917_589721_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887475992_549380992_4933918_4755753_nTenkasi, India 19073_281887495992_549380992_4933920_7225137_n

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Tenkasi, India Empty Re: Tenkasi, India

Post  Savanah on Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:08 pm



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