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Apolegetics. Is Christianity the truth?

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Apolegetics. Is Christianity the truth? Empty Apolegetics. Is Christianity the truth?

Post  AndrewA on Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:37 am

Post arguments for God and for Christ's death and resurrection here.

Existence of God
Cosmological Argument
Everything has a cause. In the long chain of causes and effects in the universe, something has to be the "First Cause." It's like a train. Something has to be pulling the caboose and cars. God is like the engine.

Teleological Argument
The universe has amazing complexity in nature. Gravity constant is so perfect that a small change would make Earth unlivable, human eye, thousands of pairs on a strand of DNA in each cell, human mind. There has to be a creator for such an organized, complex, mathematical universe.

Ontological Argument
1. God is something of which nothing greater can be thought.
2. God may exist in the understanding.
3. To exist in reality and in the understanding is greater than to exist in the understanding alone.
4. Therefore, God exists in reality.

Argument from Degree
1. Objects have properties to greater or lesser extents.
2. If an object has a property to a lesser extent, then there exists some other object that has the property to the maximum possible degree.
3. So there is an entity that has all properties to the maximum possible degree.
4.Hence God exists.

Moral Argument
Every culture has some sense of right-and-wrong. Killing is bad, inter-family sexual relationships are wrong, stealing is not good. God must have implanted the sense of morality in us.

Argument from Desire
We all desire things that nothing in this world will satisfy. We will never be rich enough, smart enough, talented enough. God and perfection in heaven is the desire that will satisfy us.

Argument from Aesthetic (sensory) Experience
There is the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.
Therefore God exists.

There are many other arguments. One alone does not prove the existence of God, but the overwhelming persuasive collection. I probaly didn't explain these near as well as the writers originally did.

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